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Chakra Stone Set

Chakra Stone Set - Bild vergrößern Chakra Stone Set - Bild vergrößern

Chakra stones set with 7 different chakra stones.

This chakra stone set can support your 7 chakras energetically.

Each of these stones is associated with a given energy Chakra (see below).

The possibility to place the stones on either the corresponding chakra, for example, contribute meditation, or even during the day in a small bag around the neck, or simply just stuck in your pocket.

In the enclosed brochure you find summarized the essentials of the chakra system and the energetic importance of individual stones.

Delivery content:
  • Booklet with description
  • 7 chakra stones in organza bag,

    1. Chakra: Rhodonite
    2. Chakra: Carnelian
    3. Chakra: Tigereye
    4. Chakra: Aventurine
    5. Chakra: Aquamarine
    6. Chakra: Amethyst
    7. Chakra: Rock crystal
  • Product weight about 200-250 grams (depending on stone size)

At the moment, this chakra stone set is only available with German description. We are working on the translation. If you are interested and leave a comment with the order, we will get a solution for you immediately.

A detailed description can be found at: 


The delivery is including VAT plus shipping costs.


For legal reasons, we must publish the following notice:

A medical or scientific effect of this product has not been proven, neither is it medically nor scientifically proven, nor is this intended.

The information provided here are based on traditional experiences, as well as on the experiences and opinions of the users, for which we can not assume any responsibility, and which we merely give here.

There are no diagnoses, no therapies or therapeutic procedures with this purpose or intended and no remedies made. Any use and use of this product is at your own risk and in no case replaces the visit with a doctor, naturopath or psychologist.

Delivery time: max. 3 business days nach Zahlungseingang / max. 3 working days after receipt of payment

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