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Herbal Foods


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Our VitaShake® is a whole food concentrate enhanced with vitamins and minerals in a delicious powder form. Like NuPlus®, VitaShake® helps fill in the nutrition gaps you may have in your diet with the added benefit of whole fiber. VitaShake® is formulated with Coix Fruit, a powerful antioxidant, and fructooligosaccharide (FOS), a probiotic soluble-fiber carbohydrate that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Unlike other brands that contain chemically processed or animal-based protein powders, our soy protein in VitaShake® is similar to super-concentrated tofu. This makes VitaShake® a wonderful nutritious shake for young and old people who require easily digestible food.

Also, because we use a whole food base with natural vitamins and minerals in our exclusive formulation, you will absorb more of the nutrients when you eat it.

Ideal for dieters and people on the go, VitaShake® is a healthy, convenient alternative to other weight loss products that contain questionable ingredients such as ephedra and artificial sweeteners.

Mix one package with 180 to 240ml of water in a Shaker Bottle. Drink as is or add crushed ice and sweeten to taste.

Size: Cacao 40x25g Packs

Manufacturer: Sunrider®

Delivery time: Der Versand erfolgt innerhalb 1 Woche - lagernde Artikel innerhalb 2 business daysn - Lieferung vom Zentrallager (siehe 10% günstiger) nach Zahlungseingang
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