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Herbal Concentrates

Sunny Fresh®

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Sunny Fresh®

Sunny Fresh® is a unique natural supplement that soothes and revives a dry scratchy throat. It contains an extraordinary blend of concentrated herbs including licorice, peppermint and cloves, all traditionally used to aid digestion, soothe the stomach and freshen the breath.

Formulated without artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, the nutrients in Sunny Fresh® are easily absorbed and processed by the body. Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, our formula helps you to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition and keeping the body in balance.

Consume one 15ml bottle of Sunny Fresh® at mealtimes.

10/15 ml Mini Pack Bottles

Manufacturer: Sunrider®

Delivery time: Der Versand erfolgt innerhalb 1 Woche - lagernde Artikel innerhalb 2 business daysn - Lieferung vom Zentrallager (siehe 10% günstiger) nach Zahlungseingang
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